August 30, 2010

Afternoon in Ueno While in Tokyo, in addition to getting shot in the face (well, I did, Dr Trouble just watched), we visited Ueno. Why Ueno? No particular reason, other than it's the last stop on the Utsunomiya line. We didn't go to Ameyoko (bleh...), we didn't go to the zoo (it costs money), or any of the many museums there (money again). We just walked around the Ueno Park where we didn't have to pay and took pictures. Well, Dr Trouble did, while I complained that we should go home because the cats must be lonely, hot (even though we left the AC on for them) and hungry. Between my complaints, we did manage to visit the Ueno Toshogu (being renovated, nothing special, maybe you'll see pics another time) and the Ueno Rinnoji (nothing special). We also saw a lot of homeless people in and around the park. Literally everywhere. I have no idea how they were surviving in this ridiculously hot weather. Living in the countryside, we do see a lot of poverty (ha! you should see our neighborhood!), Japan is not as egalitarian as the well-off natives would like you to believe. But though I am sure there are homeless people in Tochigi (there must be), I have been pretty much insulated from the sights of in-your-face out-on-the-street homelessness. Or maybe I just haven't been looking hard enough. Dunno... Anyway, let's look at something that you've already seen countless times on other blogs. Lotus blossoms. Here they are in Ueno: And what's the plural of "lotus"? Lotuses? Or loti? I mean, there's fungus and fungi, succubus and succubi, torus and tori. Why not lotus and loti? But my favorite shot must be this one: The plant looks so surprised to see us. This statue was also quite surprised to have its picture taken: Say what you want, it's creepy. Me no like. Or is that how it looks during the full moon, huh? Not sure, if it was exactly full, but judging from my bitchiness that day, it must have been. Or was it because of the needles to my face? Not sure. Either way, here's the moon. When Dr Trouble took this photo I was already on the train home. The cats won't feed themselves, you know...

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